Renting an apartment in Japan


Renting an apartment in Japan

Resocia GIT Support. Renting an apartment in Japan

Three tips when renting an apartment in Japan

Moving to another country means dealing with all kinds of customs that are different from your home country. Renting is no different!

Here, we’d like to offer three handy things to remember to help newcomers to Japan in rending a room or apartment.

Tip 1: Check the Shikikin (security deposit) and Reikin (key money)

When renting a room in Japan, in many cases you will be required to pay sums of money called shikikin and reikin. Shikikin is a deposit paid when signing a rental agreement.It is usually set at one to three months’ rent. Usually, this deposit is returned when you move out.

Reikin is a service fee paid to the landlord on signing a rental agreement.It is usually set at one to two months’ rent, however some buildings do not charge reikin. Unlike shikikin, this money is not returned.

Recently, more and more rental properties have been abolishing shikikin and reikin payments, so it is a good idea to check this when you’re looking for a new room.

Tip 2: Find a Guarantor

Many rental agreements will require renters to find a Guarantor, someone who will vouch for the renter’s identity and debts. This guarantor could be a relative, or the renter could pay a rent guarantee firm to stand as guarantor. Rent guarantee companies can be used by anyone, regardless of nationality, job, sex/gender, or age.

Tip 3: Be ready to pay five-six months’ rent at time of agreement

Resocia GIT Support. Renting an apartment in Japan

In addition to shikikin and reikin, there are a number of other payments required on signing the rental agreement. These include advance rent (the rent starting from the day of the contract until the end of the next month), agency fee (a fee paid to the rental agency that helped find the room, usually set at one months’ rent), fire insurance, and more.

For example, if your rent is 60,000 yen, a room with two months’ rent shikikin and one month’s reikin, you could be required to pay five to six months’ rent, around 300,000–360,000 yen, at the time of contract. So, it’s a good idea to keep all these other fees in mind when renting.

Human Resocia offers a wide range of support for our GIT Engineers to live more comfortably in Japan, including introducing contract Share Houses, paying rent assistance, and more.

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