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We provide a full recruitment service to IT engineers who want to work in Japan regardless of country of origin.
Looking forward to working with you to find the perfect job for you.
*Pay attention, most positions require a level of Japanese N3 or higher.

  • System Engineer

    System development (general purpose machine, embedded/control), system development (web/open/mobile), package software/middleware development, control system development, programming etc.

  • Network Engineer

    Network/server design/construction (LAN/WAN/Web), communication infrastructure design/construction (carrier/ISP), network operation/maintenance, design/construction, customized development of business support systems, etc.

  • Development Engineer/Programmer

    Development engineer (programmer), software development, business system development, control system development, programming, etc.

  • Data Scientist

    Data scientist/data analysis, in-house system engineer/information system design, database design, product recommendation system based on AI (machine learning, deep learning), etc.

  • CAD Engineer

    2D/3D CAD design, plant design, product design making full use of 3D technology/control technology, 3D CAD software development, etc.

  • Server engineer

    Server engineer, infrastructure engineer, server design/construction/maintenance/monitoring, network operation/network monitoring, etc.

  • For other positions

    If you have not found an appropriate job vacancy on this page, please use the Application form and send us your data. We will be glad to assist in finding the best position for you.

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