GIT - Global IT Engineer Recruitment. Human Resocia

We are the key to opening the door to
Japan for the world’s engineers

At Human Resocia, highly-skilled engineers from over 40 countries participate in challenging high-tech projects.

We provide comprehensive support to our team members so they can focus on their career development and discovering Japan.

At Human Resocia you have the opportunity to gain experience and advance your career at technologically advanced Japanese companies!
*Please note that most positions require a level of Japanese N3 or higher.

Are you interested in pursuing your engineering career in Japan?

1 Technology


Join a project at a leading Japanese company



Permanent full-time employment contract


Peace of mind

Support for living in Japan


We cooperate with more than 3000 organizations that are excelling in their industry which creates a great opportunity to provide engineer professionals with an exciting job opportunity.


A typical working day in Japan – Our engineer colleagues share how their typical day looks like.


In this section Global IT Talents talk about their experience of living and working in Japan.

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