Work style model


Work style model

This section introduces the lives of IT engineers dispatched from Human Resocia.

Ms. Phyu Phyu Thwe

Ms.Phyu Phyu Thwe from Myanmmar is currently in charge of maintenance development work for a sales support system.
She will introduce the content of her work and how she spends her time in Japan.

Please tell us about your current work
Phyu Phyu Thwe:

I do maintenance development work for a sales support system. We are making a web application for extracting data, and I am responsible for the flow from detailed design document creation to test specification writing, implementation, and testing.

Please tell us about the challenge and appeal of your work.
Phyu Phyu Thwe:

It is challenging and appealing for me, as a foreign IT engineer, to use Japanese to exchange emails, carry out consultations or reports, or prepare specifications.

Is there any difference in how people work in Myanmar and how they work in Japan?
Phyu Phyu Thwe:

There are many processes in Japan.

In Japan, it goes:
Meeting → preparation of specifications → review → correction → implementation → review → correction → test → review → correction → review → completion

In Myanmar, it goes:
Meeting → creation of scratch specification → implementation → test → correction → test → completion

What do you do after work?
Phyu Phyu Thwe:

To make dinner, I shop at the supermarket near my house, and I like clothing, so sometimes I window shop in Shinjuku.

Do you have favorite food ingredients in Japan?
Phyu Phyu Thwe:

Nori, wakame, soup stock, and miso. I like Japanese food.

Do you have any new habits since coming to Japan?
Phyu Phyu Thwe:

Running. I run 3 to 4 times a week, for 45 minutes to an hour at a time.
I developed a terrible stiff neck in December 2016, so I started running from January 2017.
Perhaps my circulation has gotten better because the stiffness has improved a lot.

Do you have anything you would like to challenge in the future?
Phyu Phyu Thwe:

I would like to contribute to the development of AI in my country (Myanmar).

Schedule of Ms. Phyu Phyu Thwe’s day


Share project progress and tasks with members.
Every day I work while ensuring that there are no delays in progress.
Development work
I create a detailed design document.
It is rewarding for me as a foreign IT engineer to create materials using Japanese.
I will have lunch with my work colleagues.
I eat a variety of countries’ cuisines, such as Indian, Nepalese, Mexican, and Chinese food. While having a meal with my colleagues, I talk about my weekend, Japan, or my family. It is a very fun time because I can get various kinds of information.
Development work
Implementation and testing.
Because the workplace has a good atmosphere, I can concentrate on work.
Report email
Send an email reporting today’s progress to the project leader. Because the report is in Japanese, I develop correct business Japanese.
Leave work


Wake up
After breakfast, I go to my local supermarket. The Japanese supermarket is cleaner and bigger than those in Myanmar, and it is very convenient because they sell not only Japanese foodstuffs, but other ingredients, too.
Clean my room, do laundry
I clean during the week, but I clean especially well on my days off. After cleaning, I feel refreshed.
I cook Myanmar food often.
In particular, I often make Mohinger, tea leaf salad, and fermented fish soup.
Contact family and friends in my home country
With my parents, I talk about Japan (the society, service) and what foods I’ve eaten recently. With my friends, I exchange information mostly about work, and we use Facebook to communicate.
For sightseeing I often go to Ueno, Okachimachi, and Akihabara. Ueno in particular is a sightseeing area filled with places of interest, as there is a zoo, park, museum, and art museum, as well as many stores, such as Ameya Yokocho.
Dinner with friends
I go to my favorite Myanmar restaurant in Ueno.
When I eat out, besides Myanmar food, I often have Thai and Chinese.
I go running 3 to 4 times a week, for 45 minutes to an hour at a time.
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