Network Engineer (From Afghanistan)


Member voices : Network Engineer (From Afghanistan)


Country of origin
Years in Japan
3 years
Planning, adjustment, and management for an infrastructure replacement project
QWhat made you come to Japan?
AI came to study IT in Japan. I studied computer science at Kansai Graduate School. I completed graduate school and started work in Tokyo.
QWhat are your impressions after coming to Japan and living here?
AJapan’s technology level is high, and there are many opportunities to upgrade one’s career as an IT engineer. Japan is a safe country. The Japanese lifestyle is busy, and living expenses are high. Japanese food is delicious.
QWhat had the biggest impact on you after starting to work in Japan?
ATechnical level and teamwork. All Japanese companies like team work. Therefore, we are often helping other people.
QHow is it to be part of the GIT team?
AThe GIT team is global. GIT team members come to Japan from various countries around the world and work as IT engineers. The GIT team is lots of fun.
QWhat would you say to those who want to work in Japan?
AThe most important thing for working in Japan is to understand Japanese language and culture.


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