AI Engineer (From India)


Member voices : AI Engineer (From India)


Country of origin
Years in Japan
3 years
Surround view system development, 3d image generation, algorithm development
Violin, travelling, developing mini games
QWhat made you come to Japan?
AMainly anime, especially One Piece contributed a big part in my interest in Japan. But I would say that there were many other reasons playing a role to come here, such as the high standards in technology.
QYour impressions after actually coming to Japan and living here
AApparently, I already knew that people work hard in Japan, but what was quite surprising was that people actually do follow all the rules all the time.
QWhat had the biggest impact on you after starting to work in Japan?
AThat it’s not as much result-oriented as India. I mean here the process matters too, and there is a high emphasis on each step to carry out properly, instead of being satisfied with the result itself.
QHow is it to be part of the GIT team?
AIt’s fun to meet people from all over the world. And also it is kind of relieving to have friends from your own country around you, when there are a lot of new things.
QWhat would you say to those who want to work in Japan?
AEven if the dream of coming to Japan seems far and hard to achieve as a fresh grad, don’t give up, there will be an opportunity coming along your way, be ready to take that on. Till then keep on learning Japanese!


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