Network Engineer (From Brazil)


Member voices : Network Engineer (From Brazil)


network engineer
Country of origin
Years in Japan
3 years
Voice network, migration projects
QWhat made you come to Japan?
AI liked Japanese popular culture since I was a kid, and started studying Japanese by myself when I was in junior high school. Ever since I first visited Japan on my honeymoon, I’ve always wanted to work in Japan. At that time, I came across a job listing by Human Resocia GIT and here I am.
QWhat are your impressions after coming to Japan and living here?
AI am impressed by the punctuality at work and when it comes to schedules in general. Like in the case of the perfectly punctual public transportation.
QWhat had the biggest impact on you after starting to work in Japan?
AThe earnestness at work. No joking around or not much chit-chatting, but concentrating on work and work-related matters.
QHow is it to be part of the GIT team?
AI think it is a good thing for people with similar backgrounds to get together and also, by the support team, I completely feel supported, so I can enjoy living in Japan with a peace of mind.
QWhat would you say to those who want to work in Japan?
AStep out of your comfort zone! For self-development you need to challenge yourself. But don’t worry, once you decide it, everything will be fine.


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