Tax support


Tax support

Japanese taxation system

Taxation of foreigners
All residents including foreigners must pay taxes in Japan. These are some of the most common taxes, but you may have to also pay other taxes depending on your situation.

TaxName in Japanese & transcriptionSubject of taxation
Income Tax所得税, shotokuzeiResidents with income earned in Japan
Resident Tax住民税, juuminzeiThose residing in Japan as of 1 January of every year
*Prefectural Tax*県民税, *kenminzei
**Municipal Tax**市町村民税, **shichouson minzei
Consumption Tax消費税, shouhizeiEntities which become taxable business enterprises as a result of transactions in Japan
Stamp Tax印紙税, inshizeiThose who conclude contracts or monetary agreements in Japan
Motor Vehicle Tax自動車税, jidoushazeiThose who own a car in Japan

Residents must submit an income tax return for the income earned each year. Residents must pay the tax owed between February 16 and March 15 of the following year.

Our company provides tax-pay-support for the employees. We submit the necessary documents and pay the employee’s taxes (deducted from salary).

  • Income tax
  • Resident’s tax (Second year onwards)
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