Opening a Bank Account in Japan


Opening a Bank Account in Japan

Human Resocia offers a wide range of support for our GIT Engineers to live more comfortably in Japan, including opening a bank account, making an inkan, and more.

Resocia GIT Banc account support

First, Get an Inkan

Make sure to get an inkan as soon as you can. You will need an inkan to open a bank account in Japan, and since bank accounts are absolutely necessary to receive your salary, pay your utilities (electric, gas, and water), or credit card bills, you’ll want to do this quickly, as well. Having an inkan made to order at a shop called a Hanko-ya is the easiest method.

Your inkan name stamp, also called a hanko, is essential for many other activities you will need to do when living in Japan, as well.It is used more often than a signature for official procedures here.

Choosing the Best Bank

Choose a bank that has a branch near your house, and/or branches or ATMs in places you visit frequently. Using your bank’s ATM will mean that fees for withdrawals and deposits will be cheap, or even free. And many banks now offer internet banking. This adds the convenience of banking from your smartphone or PC, so when you open an account, consider applying for online banking services at the same time.

How to Open an Account

The easiest way is to open an account using online applications. However, since many banks require different documentation, it might go smoother to take the time to go to a branch and have a bank employee check your documents all at once. If you do this, it’s a good idea to take a Japanese-speaking friend or acquaintance with you.

There are other unique Japanese customs besides inkan use, but Human Resocia offers all kinds of lifestyle support to help with these, not just getting bank accounts and inkans, so GIT engineers can stay focused and work more smoothly.

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