Resocia GIT Services

  • Support System
    This page explains what kind of support for work, life, and language we provide for our employ everyone who comes to Japan.
  • Visa support
    We support the issuance of “Certificate of Eligibility (C.O.E)” necessary for VISA acquisition.
  • Insurance support
    We submit the necessary documents and pay for the employee’s insurance. See the details.
  • Tax support
    Our company provides tax-pay-support for the employees. We submit the necessary documents and pay the employee’s income and residence’s taxes.
  • Life support
    • Opening a Bank Account in Japan
      Human Resocia offers a wide range of support for our GIT Engineers including opening a bank account, making an inkan, and more.
    • Renting an apartment in Japan
      We provide support for our GIT Engineers, including introducing contract Share Houses, paying rent assistance, and more.

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