About Global IT Engineer Recruitment


About our service

We want to be the “key” to opening the door to Japan for the world’s engineers.

At Human Resocia, talented engineers from over 40 countries have gathered and are active in Japanese projects where high skills are in demand.

We deliver environment support so IT engineers from around the world can work with peace of mind. Would you like to be a member of a team of active engineers from diverse backgrounds?

What is Global IT Talent?

You can build a career and experience as an IT engineer in Japan, a country you admire or are interested in.

In July 2016, “Global IT Talent (GIT) service” was launched for IT engineers from around the world to be active in Japan. Japanese companies’ advanced IT utilization needs are growing, and they need top talent with training, research, and practical experience in AI, IoT, big data, image analysis, data analysis, etc.

At our company, we have IT skills and a system to take in those who want to be active in Japan regardless of country of origin. In addition to visa application support, air ticket (travel expenses), and housing arrangements, through training for Japanese language and culture after you join our company, we support an environment where you can work with peace of mind.


Global IT Talent’s strengths


Technology : Join a project for a major Japanese company

Technology : Join a project for a major Japanese company

We are connecting IT engineers who want to be active in Japan with Japanese companies who need their technical skills.

After joining our company, you will be active in many Japanese domestic companies’ projects, which demand the advanced technology of Japanese companies in the AI, IoT, and big data fields.




Stable : Full-time employment with Human Resocia

Stable : Full-time employment with Human Resocia

Since you are employed full-time, you can work in Japan with peace of mind.

After joining our company, we conduct training including on-the-job training, in areas such as Japanese language and Japanese corporate customs. We carry out regular post-employment follow-ups and have established an environment where you can get advice easily.

To help you lead a comfortable life in Japan, we support long-term employment.




Peace of mind : Reliable support system

Peace of mind : Reliable support system

Of course, we begin by supporting status of residence applications, and also visas and air ticket for coming to Japan. And so you can start your life right after arriving in Japan, we arrange housing and open a bank account for you. Then, we support your life after coming to Japan with Japanese language training and training on business manners conducted by a specialist.

Also, after joining our company, we have an on-the-job program so you can get used to Japanese corporate culture as quickly as possible.

Excellent IT engineers come together from all over the world

Currently active IT engineers hail from a variety of countries

As well as consultations about work, we support life in Japan, so even those coming to Japan for the first time should feel reassured. You can confidently live in an environment where you can feel free to consult or verify. In fact, many of our IT engineers are living in Japan for the first time.

Also, GIT members who are already active in Japan are having energetic exchanges. We hold a social gathering once a month (participation is free) where you can engage in everyday communication and also network with senior members and IT engineers from various countries.



26.5(Youngest: 21 | Oldest: 35 )



Male:78% | Female:22%



AI/Big data:24% | Software development:50% | Communications/Network:15% | Embedded/Control systems:11%



Business:9% | Fluent:33% | Daily conversation:34% | Only greetings:24%





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