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Inquiry form for Company Representatives

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Privacy Policy
Matters Requiring Consent When Making an Inquiry

Director, Chief Privacy Officer, Management Strategy Office
Human Resocia Co., Ltd.
Tel: (81)3-6846-9040

Please enter your information after reviewing and consenting to the following terms of service regarding the handling of personal information.

  • Intended Purpose
    The personal data we receive will be used to respond to your inquiry.
  • Provision of personal information
    We will not provide the personal information that we receive to any third party without the consent of the information owner except in cases required by law.
  • Outsourcing the processing of personal information
    For purposes including conducting labor-management, mailing out materials, and repairing or modifying systems, we may outsource the processing of personal information to subcontractors who satisfy the personal information protection guidelines that we set forth.
  • Requesting information disclosure, etc.
    We accept requests to disclose, revise, add to, delete, suspend the usage of, notify of the intended purposes of, and suspend the provision to third parties of personal information provided to us (hereinafter “information disclosure, etc.”). Please contact us using the contact information below.
  • Voluntariness of providing personal information and the effects of not providing this information
    Personal information is provided on a strictly voluntary basis. Please be advised, however, that failure to provide accurate and error-free information may prevent you from being appropriately contacted in response to your inquiry.
  • Acquisition of personal information through means that prevent the easy identification of individuals
    The Company’s website uses cookies. Cookies are used strictly to check necessary system information to ensure that users’ browsers are capable of viewing website pages and to verify that browsing is being done by the same person for the duration of a session. Cookies do not contain information that could identify individuals.
  • Questions and complaints about the Privacy Policy
    Please contact us using the contact information below for any questions, comments, or complaints you may have concerning this Privacy Policy.

Contact information concerning this Privacy Policy:
Customer Service Department, Human Resocia Co., Ltd.
Tel: (81)0-120-03-7837 E-mail:

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