Data Scientist


Data Scientist

Data Scientist

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Job type
  • Data scientist/data analysis
  • In-house systems engineer/information system design, database design
  • product recommendation system based on AI (machine learning, deep learning), etc.
Job description

Data analysis work on strategy/system consulting, etc.
Analysis work for a company specializing in data analysis
Data analysis using access log data at a large company
Data analysis, implementation of algorithms, construction of a machine-learning model
Information system construction project
Analysis using analytics, analysis work
Predictive modelling using machine learning regression and classification methods
Analysis and hypothesis construction using techniques such as statistical analysis and clustering, etc.

Experience in program development and operation using a Linux server
Experience in program development and operation using SQL (Vertica/Google BigQuery)
Design experience with user-oriented service using machine learning
Those with any experience in statistics, mathematics, or a basic knowledge of computer science, etc., are welcome!

Conditions for application

🔘 Bachelor’s/Master’s degree certificate in information technology, computer science, electronics, engineering

🔘 Those with 2+ years work experience in IT industry or IT-related work in automobile industry, medical industry, aerospace industry, etc.

🔘 Please send us your resume and curriculum vitae if you are interested in our company and would like to be considered for a position, or in response to a scouting email from us.

English proficiencyMinimum communication (TOEIC 475-730)
Japanese abilityDaily conversation
Annual income3 million yen – 6 million yen
Description of salary

🔘 Negotiable according to experience
– Annual salary system
– Overtime pay
– Commuting allowance (from residence to workplace)
* According to company regulations

🔘 Benefits
– Visa sponsorship
– Travel expenses (to Japan from current residence)
– Rent assistance
*Per company regulations
– Training support
– Japanese
– Technical knowledge (including on-the-job)
– business manners in Japan
– Medical insurance/employment insurance

Days off 🔘 Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays (*per company regulations)
🔘 Paid vacation (*after 6 months of joining)
Contract periodFull-time employee
Closest train station – 5 minutes on foot from JR Sobu Line “Okubo Station”
– 10 minutes on foot from JR “Shinjuku Station”
Smoking Environment No smoking on the premises. (There is an outdoor smoking area.)
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