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Data Scientist

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Job description

Development and implementation of customer solutions for various industries such as IT, manufacturers, finance, services, etc. You will analyze the data, implement algorithms, create predictive models using machine learning (decision tree, logistic regression, random forest, naive bayes classifier, k-NN, k-means or neural network), build a hypothesis using statistical analysis and clustering.

Project examples
  • Create a predictive model of sales trends in machine learning by weather change
  • Data analysis using the access log data
  • Implement the assignation optimization system for HR team
  • Requirements Qualifications
  • Hands on experience of data science
  • Experience using Python or R
  • Experience using some frameworks such as Hatoop or Spark etc.
  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Statistics or Mathematics
  • Daily conversation level in Japanese (JLPT N3 or higher)
  • Business conversation level in English
  • Employment type Permanent
    Salary Annual salary system
    3.5 million yen – 5.5 million yen
    (To be determined based on experiences and skills)
  • Annual salary revision
  • Overtime payment (Overtime work: 125%, Holiday work: 135%)
  • 3 months probation period (No change to employment conditions)
  • Benefits Visa sponsorship, Travel expenses, Housing allowance, Housing search support, Commuting allowance (Maximum: 30,000 yen per a month), Social insurance, Retirement allowance, Training (Japanese language, business manners and technical skills)
    Holidays/Leaves Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays in principle.
    Paid leave, Spouse’s childbirth leave, Bereavement leave, Summer vacation, New year vacation etc.
    *It may change based on a project
    Working location Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and other cities
    Smoking environment Tokyo head office: No smoking on the premises
    (There is an outdoor smoking area)
    *It may change based on a project
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