Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Matters Requiring Consent When Registering

Chief Privacy Officer: Management Strategy Office
Human Resocia Co., Ltd.
Contact: (+81)(0)3-6846-9040

Human Resocia Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) has established the following terms of service that apply when registering with the Company.
Please review and consent to the terms of service before registering.

–Privacy Policy–
* Intended Purpose
The personal data we receive will not be used for any other purpose than those stated below.
a.Procedures that involve informing users of suitable work, contacting users about work, and concluding contracts
b.Providing and informing users of Company benefits
c.Procedures related to labor-management
d.Providing services the Company was requested to provide (e.g., issuing certificates, offering Company benefits, mailing presents)
e.Introducing work opportunities from the Company and providing information on seminars, etc.
f.Requesting support for conducting marketing activities, completing surveys, providing signatures, etc. related to the Company’s business activities
g.Revising and updating the personal information in our possession

* Provision of personal information
We will not provide the personal information that we receive to any third party without the consent of the information owner.

* Outsourcing the processing of personal information
For the purpose of operations that include conducting labor-management, mailing out materials, and repairing or modifying systems, the Company may outsource the processing of personal information to subcontractors who satisfy the personal information protection guidelines set forth by the Company.

* Requesting information disclosure, etc.
We accept requests to disclose, revise, add to, delete, suspend the usage of, notify of the intended purposes of, and suspend the provision to third parties of personal information provided to us (hereinafter “information disclosure, etc.”). For information about specific procedures for requesting information disclosure, etc., please contact us using the contact information below.

* Deletion of personal information
Users who have registered in person (on Company grounds), or who have registered for outplacement support services online may have their registration nullified if any of the following apply. (For users who have been employed by the Company, the following shall apply at the time that the legally-mandated information retention period is exceeded)
・There is a substantiated report of the user engaging in fraudulent behavior, including falsifying his history, occupational abilities, or qualifications
・The user commits an action that disadvantages or damages the reputation or credibility the individual’s employer, people affiliated with that employer, or the Company
・5 or more years have elapsed following the user’s Company visit registration
・12 months or more have elapsed from the day the user registered for outplacement support service online, but did not register a Company visit
・The user is unable to be reached for 6 months or more starting from the day the user was last reached by telephone, email, or other method by the Company

* Voluntariness of providing personal information and the effects of not providing this information
Users provide personal information on a strictly voluntary basis. Please be advised, however, that failure to provide accurate and error-free information may prevent the user from being given job offers or being contacted.

* Acquisition of personal information through means that prevent the easy identification of individuals
The Company’s website uses cookies. Cookies are used strictly to check system information and ensure that users’ browsers are capable of viewing website pages and to verify that browsing is being done by the same person for the duration of the session. They do not contain information that can identify individuals. For users that do not wish to use cookies, they can be turned off via browser settings.

* Questions and complaints about the Privacy Policy
Please contact us using the contact information below for any questions, comments, or complaints you may have concerning this Privacy Policy.

[Contact information concerning this Privacy Policy]
Customer Service Department, Human Resocia Co., Ltd.
Telephone: (+81)(0)120-03-7837 E-mail:

–About Shared Use of Personal Information–
With those that share personal information with the Company, the Company reaches agreements regarding the following matters.

* Personal information subject to shared use
a.Information entrusted to the Company upon the request for services from the Company, such as job offers, employment, and paid employment opportunities, as well as other services
b.Information collected from users when they register online
c.Updated or changed registered information
d.Information the Company collects when receiving inquiries or comments from users
e.Other personal information the Company collects

* Means of acquiring personal information subject to shared use
1.When businesses acquire information directly from users –> Acquired through online or document registration ,etc.
2.When businesses do not acquire information directly from users –> Acquired through data transmissions between shared information users

* Intended purpose
For the provision of information regarding employment and a change of employment from Human Resocia Co., Ltd., to the students and lecture attendees of Human Academy Co., Ltd., as well as the students in the educational business of Human Academy Gakuen Co., Ltd.

* Names and titles of persons responsible for the management of personal information subject to shared use
(Managers in charge of the kinds of personal information described in “(1)” under “Means of acquiring personal information subject to shared use.”)
Director, Chief Privacy Officer, Management Strategy Office, Human Resocia Co., Ltd.

* Personal information handling supervisor for each shared user, contact manager, and contact address
Director, Chief Privacy Officer, Management Strategy Office, Human Resocia Co., Ltd.
*Each company’s Chief Privacy Officer can be found on the respective company’s website.

* Requirements for shared users
Human Resocia Co., Ltd., Human Academy Co., Ltd., Human Academy Gakuen Co., Ltd.

* Matters concerning the handling of personal information subject to shared use
1.Implementation of safety measures for preventing the leakage, etc. of personal information
2.Prohibition of processing, usage, reproduction, duplication, etc. of personal information for purposes not stated.
3.Agreement on items related to the return, deletion, and disposal of personal information from the business partner who acquired it, after the completion of the shared usage. Rules are set forth for the matters described above.

* Measures taken in the event that rules concerning the handling of personal information subject to shared use are not observed
Action will be taken according to the PMS (Personal Information Protection Management Systems) for each business or Group company.
For matters concerning reporting and contacting in the event of an incident or accident that involves personal information subject to shared use, action will be taken according to the PMS for each business or Group company.